Tejiendo el instante

23/10/2013 - 23/11/2013

Solo Show – Ana Teresa Barboza

Opening: October 23, until: November 23, 2013.


On Wednesday October 23, artist Ana Teresa Barboza will present her more recent Works in an individual show titled: “Tejiendo el Instante”, at Wu Galería. By employing the embroidery and weaving techniques that characterize most of her proposal since 2006, the artist overturns her gaze to the nature and establishes relations between the invisible structures and the processes of plant growth – so slow and almost imperceptible to our senses – turning them into metaphors for handwork with knitting and embroidery by the overlap of different fragments of time into images made up of thin threads of color.

Man transforms with his own hands the material word, creating tools from nature itself that allow him to introduce comfort in his daily live. Within these practices, are artisanal modes of production techniques –such as the ones the embroiderer executes– which still retain their affinity with pulse of the natural processes. Therefore, through a slow handwork, the knitting and embroidery achieve to resemble the invisible growth of botanic structures.

Barboza questions the estrangement of man with nature, connoting the turned-lost of his trail and the disappearance of our environment. In search of reconciliation, the works presented are seeking ways to return to the pulse of movements of the vegetal world; to understand its transformation, respecting its flow and structure. With the aid of a printed and embroidered manual, the artist makes possible for us to recover our senses. Knowledge that tells us that encrypted life, with its universal validity, ignores the crossing of the infinity in an instant is been questioned. The patient nature, on conviction of its self-controlled communication, reveals to us once again. From there she will narrate its time, with the cumulative affect that emerges from its slow growth.

Downloadable – Tejiendo el Instante – Wu Gallery


About the artist:

Ana Teresa Barboza [Lima, 1981] graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In 2010, she obtained the first prize in the second painting competition organized by the Banco Central de Reserva del Perú and in 2006  won the IX Concurso Pasaporte para un Artista, organized by the French Embassy in Lima.

*fragments of text by Gabriela Manrique