About the outline

Pablo Accinelli / Carlos Bonil / Fernando Bryce / Raimond Chaves / César González / Cadu Costa / André Komatsu / Sandra Nakamura / Diana Menestrey / Mónica Naranjo / Nicolás Paris / Juan Manuel Salas / Mariana Varela
03/05/2012 - 30/05/2012

Colective exhibition: About the outline: Drawing versions.

Inauguration: 3 may – 30 may 2012

Collective exhibition: About the outine: Drawing versions.

Opening: May 3 to May 30, 2012


“ABOUT THE OUTLINE: Drawing Versions” is a collective exhibition of young Latin American artists: Cadu Costa (Brazil), Fernando Bryce (Peru), Nicolás París (Colombia), Raimond Chaves (Peru), André Komatsu Rueda (Colombia), Carlos Bonil (Colombia), Sandra Nakamura (Peru), Juan Salas Carreño (Peru), among others; Interested in exploring the practice of drawing from multiple perspectives. This exhibition is a project launched by Colombian curator and critic María Iovino, who has already made an earlier version based on proposals by Colombian artists. It was presented in collaboration with Astrid Bastin Projects in the city of Toronto in June 2011, receiving very good reviews.

For this exhibition, artists present works that use the line as a starting point to discuss topics such as the complexity of human relations, the transformation of the urban environment, the recovery of collective memory, among others. For Iovino, drawing is a medium that in recent years has been used by new generations of artists to break with the generalized image of the Latin American artist involved in the context of violence and political instability in the region, which is a reduced perception of Latin American art, understanding that they also explore theoretical and inventive creative positions.

The project also explores drawing uses that currently are not limited to conventional formats or materials, resulting in embroidery on fabric, performances, ephemeral actions and multimedia installations.