14/10/2010 - 15/11/2011


Individual exhibition – Diego Molina

Inauguration: October 14 – until November 15, 2010.


“Sinestesia” is the title of the individual exhibition of Diego Molina that opens next Wednesday, October 13, in the gallery of Wu Editions. Synesthesia is the confluence of senses in front of an experience: What does blue color taste like? What does the red color smell like? How do they sound when you find the green and the orange, the one with the other? How do you mix the texture of one surface while another moves in a sound?

After his last show “Reflejo” in 2009, Molina embarked on a process of painting from the sensory memory of the Amazonian journey. He paints directly on the canvas, where segments of brushstrokes no longer describe a reality or catch a reflection, but detail the memory of what lived by their senses.

The multiple bio-psychological reactions that the artist experiences in the face of the nature of the forest, emerge simultaneously in his painting, through brushstrokes or planes of material color on the surface of the canvas. Alternating layers that are equivalent to the sounds of certain colors and that evoke the noisy force of the celestial white of the water, the harmonious orange of the sunset or the taste of the green and the blue of the jungle.

Four large-format oils, entitled “Containment”, “Surface”, “Expansion” and “Synesthesia” invite the viewer to explore the forest and the river, accompanying the artist, navigating in a palette of multiple senses that refers intermittently to Jungle but at the same time places the viewer within the painting created and in the contemplation itself of this experience.

Molina writes that “the color resonates also in the ears of those who contemplate. The project began for me before the need to apprehend reality, to know it by addressing fully what the experience tells me. Then to take it in mental form and capture it in matter, transform it into language: in a painting. The Amazon jungle is the scene intermittently to which I refer as a paradigm of order that re-configures my position in front of the world. The contact with this overwhelming nature reshapes my approach to life in its entirety and makes me more ant, more dragonfly, more green that grows and dies as it expands. ”

Molina has taken his landscapes one step beyond the questioning of illusion / reality, reflection / landscape. It is his visual / sensory experience that precedes the creative act and with it creates a pictorial space of reflection where his human condition inclines, tributes and contains his spectators to become an integral part of the immense cosmos of nature.