S 33º 26′ 14,655” | O 70º 38′ 5,413”

17/03/2016 - 14/04/2016

Bipersonal exhibition. Rodrigo Arteaga and Raisa Bosich.

(Thirty -three degrees, twenty six minutes fourteen seconds south latitude, seventy degrees, thirty -eight minutes and five seconds west longitude).

From: March 17th. Until: April 15th, 2016.


Wu Gallery presents for the very first time in Peru, the latest work from Chilean young artists: Rodrigo Arteaga and Raisa Bosich.

Arteaga proposes a question about the perception and forms of representation of the natural environment from a scientific approach to processes, mainly from appropriation and intervention categorize and systematize documents related to specific scientific disciplines studies. Arteaga makes four proposals from the evocation of systems or methods of Science: the aquarium, the insectarium, as well herbal and mineral samples where the relationship between nature and its means of representation interact through their aesthetic forms.

Raisa Bosich work analyzes through geometric representation, basics structural elements from our reality environment. The artist does a formal investigation about different possibilities of three-dimensionality, which has a flat shape through folding. Under this process, Bosich creates playful shapes that make up a new reality of the object under common perception: plane figures about the architectural context of the artist, through the use of aesthetic resources that makes new shape perspective effects and volume.

Downloadable – Arteaga-Bosich – Wu Gallery


About the artists:

Rodrigo Arteaga (1988, Santiago de Chile). Has a degree in Visual Arts from the University of Chile in 2010. He has participated in various group exhibitions in France, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Chile, among others. His most recent solo exhibitions are: A natural history Brainstorming Part I and Ideas A Natural History Part II, in Chile and Instruction in a circle in France. He has won several international awards, among them: DIRAC 2015 Award, Project Participation IV Poly / Graphic Triennial in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2015. He was selected in the seventh version of MAVI / Hidden Award: Young Contemporary Art Museum Visual Arts, Santiago de Chile. In 2016 he presented solo exhibitions in France and Venezuela.

Raisa Bosich (1988, Santiago del Chile). Earned a BA degree in Painting from Univerdidad de Chile in 2011. Has been participated in collective exhibitions such like:  “SUB 30: Pintura en Chile”, Contemporary Art Museum of Santiago; “DrawingbyNumbers” curada por Andrea Pacheco, Fundación Cultural de Providencia, Chile (2014). Integró la residencia artística  “JustResidence”, Espai Colona (Barcelona, España). En 2015 presentó su primera exhibición individual: “Extender una línea”, Galería NAC, Santiago de Chile.

Créditos fotográficos de la exhibición: Eduardo Hirose