01/05/2009 - 01/06/2009

Individual exhibition – Diego Molina


From “Reflejo” Molina focuses his attention on the flow of Amazonian rivers and their properties as a trigger to generate a pictorial language. Then he is interested in the synesthetic experience that causes both contemplation and the parallel action of painting such reflexes: Sinestesia (2010).

The water surface continues to develop in its language until reaching its current project: The Limit (2011), which questions this liquid surface according to the viewer’s point of view and the experience of either emerging or submerging, as the fact of being in middle of both.

Understanding that the color of things is transformed through the surface of the water and that this can also be crossed with the look, Molina seeks to find a balance between the outside and the underwater world. The Limit narrates, in sequences of two images, an action that breaks the reflection, composing new searches between these two worlds.

His pictorial work is also presented as a ductile line, influenced by stimuli such as cinematographic language, sounds, performing arts, installation as much as by the approach to nature.

In addition, he has participated in several theatrical projects as scenographer and director. His proposal investigates the action and self-constitution of time through transitional spaces. Performative arts and painting are used by him as a means of amplifying experience.