Redescubriendo a Arturo Duclos (Rediscovering Arturo Duclos)

20/09/2017 - 04/11/2017

Redescubriendo a Arturo Duclos (Rediscovering Arturo Duclos)

Sixteen years after the Exhibition Obras recientes in Wu Galería, Arturo Duclos returns to the gallery demonstrating that his artwork is still as valid and contemporary as it was in 2001.

The show brings together a series of paintings with a structured composition that distances itself from the classic methods of painting. Arturo Duclos applies iconographies and attractive backgrounds on unusual materials, such as tablecloths and tarpaulins. Through recycling and harvesting, he uses new devices and tools to illustrate the imagery that surrounds his creative process.

The iconography used invites us to a world where a parody of colonial painting stand next to an iconographic baroque. The ornaments move to the foreground. Heterogeneous symbols live together and are re-adapted according to the context in which they are found, in order to relate to memories of the author’s history.

Here the spectator faces a discomfort where the meaning of the work seems to be lost. Through this ambiguity, the public is transposed to a positioning from its own subjectivity, in order to find a meaning to the mental constructions created by Duclos.

PDF Descargable – Redescubriendo a Arturo Duclos – Wu Galería


Arturo Duclos [Santiago de Chile, 1959] Studied at the School of Arts of the Universidad Católica de Chile where he specialized in printmaking in 1984.

His work was represented by Ninna Nosei Gallery in New York. Received the John Simon Guggenheim Art Grant, New York, USA, 1962. The Fondo de Desarrollo para la Cultura y las Artes in 1993 y 1994.