Ráfagas / La caída del sol negro

24/09/2015 - 31/10/2015

Bipersonal of the mexican artists : Ráfagas by Omar Rodríguez-Graham and La caida del sol negro from Agustín González

From: September 24th. Until: October 31th, 2015.


Ráfagas is a project from Omar Rodríguez-Graham that articulates the argument that everything is in a constant development. The present stands over the rumble of the past, which distorts memories, destroys narratives and creates renovated stories. The artist work holds the concept of disintegration. Based on iconic images from the occidental painting, the artist takes its strokes while he re-ensembles figurative compositions into abstract paintings. This grants contemporary parameters to the old pieces, which traspaces figurative bundaries becoming unrecognizable. Nevertheless the artist does not transgress its pictorial essence neither does he moves away from a transcendental idea of art: every destructive act it’s a creative act.

Under the title La caída del sol negro the Mexican artist Agustín González presents his last series of paintings with Wu Galería. This series it’s conceived from the pictorial dialog that the artist established with a brief text extract of Eduardo Galeano about the concept of utopia: “Utopia is in the horizon. I go two steps closer, and it goes two steps further. I walk ten steps and the horizon moves ten steps away. As much as i walk, i will never reach it. Then, what is the use of utopia? For this: to keep on walking.” (Las palabras andantes 1993). Therefore the exhibition is organized in series of small format scenarios that allude to the landscape, the road and the horizon. These are isolated scenes, with a loneliness feeling. Introducing characters that got lost under the last rays of an almost extinct sun. This diffuse light shelters the landscapes and blurs the characters portrait by González. This unique format series (50 x 40 cm.) of oil painting on cloth, just as most of the artist work, strains the color structure, the body and the process of painting.

PDF Descargable – Bipersonal Rodríguez-Graham, González – Wu Galería


About the artists:
Omar Rodriguez-Graham [México, 1978]

He  holds a Degree in Fine Arts from The Drew University, New Jersey (2002), and a Master’s Degree in Painting from The Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia (2005). He got the Young Artists Schoolarship (FONCA, Mexico, 2006-2007), and got a support from the The Banff Centre to attend the International Exchange and Artistic Residence (2010). He currently lives and works in Mexico City.

Agustín González [México, 1978]

Agustín González holds a Degree in Fine Arts from the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda” (INBA),  Mexico City. He has exhibited individually in Mexico, Germany, Chile and Brazil. During his career, he has got five first places awards in painting and printmaking. González has also got FONCA grants three times. Part of his work belong to very important art collections in Mexico and abroad.

Photo credits of the exhibition: Eduardo Hirose