27/05/2015 - 26/06/2015

Solo show – Alina Canziani

From: May, 27th. Until: June, 26th 2015.


The latest project of the artist Alina Canziani is called: Chimeras and is consisting on seven medium-format bronze pieces and an installation. Inspired by the ancient Etruscan bronzes, these sculptures are representations of hybrid shapes and beings, between animal and vegetal. The sculptor gives to the pieces a real existence by viewing them as species that, in order to prevail in this planet, need to be fed and nourished on sunlight.

Canziani continues to explore the imagery of nature from food, its consumption, its vital cycle and the forms that germinate from that vitality. Like its plant forms in “Reinos de Lesa Naturaleza” (2013), now she entered the animal kingdom to investigate the relationship between creature and environment, referring to the requirement of sunlight, water and food.  The artist gives life to these fantastic creatures even more lasting by have been cast and permanently preserved in bronze.

Downloadable – Quimeras – Wu Gallery


About the artist:
Alina Canziani [Lima, 1960]
Alina Canziani work it is one of the boldest sculpture proposals of the Peruvian artístic scenario. Her creative process have inquiries of the relation between the human and the nature, the human with his own body and his relations with the others. At the beginning of the 80’s, she decide to leave the art faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Católica to pursue an independent learning. Canziani has participated in the II Bienal de la Habana (1986), I Bienal Iberoamericana de Lima (1997), I and II Bienal Nacional de Lima (1998, 2001), so as numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Museums. In 2006, the Instituto Cultural Peruano-Norteamericano organized an important anthology exhibition of Alina Canziani in Germán Krüger Espantoso Gallery in Lima.

Photo credits of the exhibition: Eduardo Hirose