Permanencia del arte geométrico

Luis Fernando Roldán / Beatriz Olano / Karina Peisajovich / Emilio Chapela
26/09/2013 - 20/10/2013

Collective Exhibition – Luis Fernando Roldán – Beatriz Olano – Karina Peisajovich – Emilio Chapela

Opening:  September 26th, until  October 20th, 2013


“Permanencia del arte geométrico” presents the work of four Latin American artists who, in a certain way, give continuity to a line of aesthetic development clearly emerged in the early twentieth century. But this permanence is also the re-development of geometry not as a formal dogma, but as a perceptual mediation, a poetic resource, an organizational system, a conceptual reference; say as a note of a logical or scientific model.


This scientific reference implicitly appears in the work of Karina Peisajovich (Argentina 1966), whose chromatic circles conjure theoretical physics models on color and simultaneously fades those away into a dance where perception is constantly reoriented in the immersive experience that the artist produce.


In Emilio Chapela´s work (Mexico 1978), geometry arises in an almost default way to shift its referents, visually abstracting them. In that sense, Chapela´s rigorous abstraction hides its direct connection with the economic, social, political and working environment that condenses the Walmart corporation logo along its different versions.


The idea of structure goes across the work of Beatriz Olano (Colombia 1965), where the geometry is a consideration of both the line organization and even the volume, but its sense is mostly poetic rather than mathematical or constructive. Thus why the colors of the artist displace any notion of geometric axiom, framing our meeting in her work, where the geometry establishes a dialogue with the sensitive and subtle.


In Luis Fernando Roldán (Colombia 1955), geometry arises more obliquely when losing its linear rigors, giving way to the human footprint that much of the geometric art of 20th century sought to banish. Hence, in these works the line is not a vector but a link to the personal and even implicitly to the social, being present in both calligraphic texts as in drawings and diagrams insinuations that articulate their images.


The formal economy that largely runs “permanencia del arte geométrico” opens, however, to an exuberance of meanings and vital senses that animates these artistic explorations. To that extent, the work of these four artists is a clear record of the vast aesthetic and conceptual possibilities underlying the apparent restrictions of geometry.


Downloadable – Permanencia del Arte Geométrico – Wu Gallery