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19/04/2016 - 21/05/2016

Solo show – Ana Teresa Barboza

From: April 19th. Until: May 21th, 2016.


Through photographs the artist has registered spaces she inhabited for long periods of time. With this technique, her experiences were depicted in an image; printed on paper as footprints on the ground, physical trace of something that’s not longer there.

In these images nature becomes visible, as an inscription on the surface – a mark – like the ones natural phenomenon make in their constant reconfiguration of our world

The visible landscape resembles a membrane containing infinite processes and multiple transformations at earth’s core. A tissue of events not perceptible to the human eye, a meticulous weave of moments, that returns to their state of growth and transformation thanks to manual labor: through the techniques of weaving and embroidery. The threads, knots and creases are testimony of this process.

The contemplation of the landscape requires us to be present, return to the original state of being, to get to feel part of a whole. Dexterity in the handcraft requires concentration, it takes us back to the instant in which the thread comes and goes.

The photographic image, technique of representation and reproduction through a machine – a distant eye – is opposed to manual labor of weaving and embroidery; thorough, imperfect and unfinished.

Thus the physical act of these techniques, and its tactile materiality emerge from the image, to act as a mediator. A skin that approaches surrounds and returns us as viewers to the forgotten instant of the nature experience, to an unfinished and continuous flow between man and his environment.

Rafael Freyre.

Downloadable – To read the landscape – Wu Gallery



About the artist:

Ana Teresa Barboza [Lima, 1981]

Graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. In 2010, she obtained the first prize in the second painting competition organized by the Banco Central de Reserva del Perú and in 2006  won the IX Concurso Pasaporte para un Artista, organized by the French Embassy in Lima.