Rhony Alhalel / Ignacio Alvaro / Ana Teresa Barboza / Carolina Cardich / Rocío Gómez / Álvaro Icaza / José Ignacio Iturburu / Luisa Fernanda Lindo / Jesús Morate / Sandra Nakamura / Natalia Revilla / Gianine Tabja / Santiago Quintanilla
03/07/2014 - 31/07/2014

Group Exhibition – Ignacio Alvaro – Sandra Nakamura – Álvaro Icaza – Gianine Tabja – Ana Teresa Barboza
From: July 03rd. Until: August 15th, 2014.


On Thursday July 3rd Wu Gallery opens the exhibition of the project Instructions. The participating artist were members of 2013 Wu Gallery’s Laboratory.

Instructions is an experimental project that rounds up the 2013 Laboratory. It seeks to materialize the issues raised in discussions between the artists during the seminars of the laboratory led by curator Max Hernandez Calvo.

For Instructions, each artist prepared a set of guidelines for the realization of a work of art. These guidelines were later distributed randomly among the group members. This logic responds premise of the Laboratory, which proposed to open the creative processes of artists in order to examine them. The instructions seek to systematize those creative processes to be undertaken by other artists.

The works presented show different approaches in execution and reflect the possibilities of interpretation of the language of the instructions. If we understand these instructions as works of art themselves, the experiment not only shares a creative process from someone else’s eyes, but also questions the concept of authorship in art and the relationship between the original and the copy, raising a question on the value that the process acquires over the original idea and the resulting piece.



* Wu Gallery’s Laboratory is an educational project developed by Wu Gallery and sponsored by the group of collectors The Core. In its edition of 2013 the curator Max Hernandez Calvo selected a group of 20 Peruvian artists to participate in a workshop / seminar in which issues related to the recent paths of contemporary art theory and practice were discussed.