Estructuras de soporte, ejercicios de resistencia y desgaste

17/04/2015 - 22/06/2015


Exhibition  Koening Johnson y Alejandro Jaime
Estructuras de soporte, ejercicios de resistencia y desgaste

Opening: Friday April 17, 2015 – 19.30 hrs. Until May 22, 2015.


“Supporting structures, resistance and weathering exercises” is an installation proposal that takes place in Wu Galería and was developed by Koening Johnson and Alejandro Jaime as a reflection of the creative occupation and the capacity of supporting that the institutions in the cultural and local context has. It’s an attempt to see in a way of strata the structures that hold us, or seem to do it, from a personal view in correspondence with an institutional, to think and exchange his functions, foundations and gravity.

The most important link that both artists found while they were developing the project was the uncertainly and permanently relation between the artist and the spaces where they developed: the lack of support architectures, that means institutions that promote and receive the creative production as a possibility assay. It recreates so the uncertainly of the institution in front of the market, a tension that characterizes us, and that was thought from the bases of the artistic production.

The exhibition questions the problematic of: how do we internalize the institutional vacuum that ironically seems to hold the artist practice? How and with which structures does the fiction that legitimizes the artist and his work in front of a more aggressive and with more resources market, holds itself? Over what structure does the institutional holds in front of this immediacy scenario and how does this reflection turns into an intimacy issue and becomes a creativity preoccupation?

This irresolution about the stability of the cultural context is translated to the personal experience of Johnson and Jaime, whom had suffered from various ailments in the column, essential structure that maintain us upright. The incapacity to support the own body worsened over the years and the invoice of the invested in the creative activity, generate pieces around the idea of the column and the vertebrae, as an architectonic element- sign the stability of the dorsal structure so as the institutional.