Equilibrio cromático

02/07/2015 - 07/08/2015

Solo show – Diego Molina

From: July 2. Until: August 07th, 2015.


In “Equilibrio Cromático” (Chromatic balance), Diego Molina, integrates the work and theory. It is a whole, not only paintings but of things, sounds and ideas, a laboratory, an experimental area where we cross several instances in which the color appears.

Molina is inspired by Goethe’s Color Theory and the idea that on the border between light and darkness is where colors are born. Goethe called these “border colors” and placed them in a color wheel where he established a complementarity between them, placing them opposite each other. Thus he formed the even harmonics.

With these ideas Molina developed a path of personal research. His painting seeks to illustrate the theory of color, is not mere didacticism, but rather a starting point to expand his own pictorial possibilities. Between figurative and abstract geometric cuts, and an obsessive search for the complementary color, Molina is redefining its own field of action, even out of the canvas and paint it, to bring up only the color. Not just paint the sunsets but staging these border colors, not only reconstruct the light box that Goethe used to show the color effects that light and darkness produce, but just to be able to color to appear as an effect of light.

The musical reinterpretation of colors, the piece of sound poetry of Jorge Eduardo Eielson, the Peruvian poet/painter named as an “audio pintura” seems to be the maximum leakage has come to Molina. The original piece, which consists of a repetition, in various shades, words Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, is reworked and presented only as an instrumental piece, where they have only been hues, sound impressions about colors imagined, and notes that no voice or means.

That seems arrival in limbo, is one of the options Diego Molina poses to carry out its color adventure with painting and beyond. In a way painting it is here, above all, a way to make the color appear, discover the mechanism that makes them possible.

Luis Alvarado.

Downloadable – Equilibrio cromático – Wu Gallery


About the artist:
Diego Molina [Lima, 1980]

Diego Molina is Bachelor in Fine Arts with a Major in Painting, at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) in Lima, Peru. The pictorial work of Molina has a clear approach to nature and its processes, is also influenced by various stimuli such as film language, sounds, performing arts, and installation. He has also participated in several theater projects as a set designer and director. His proposal investigates the action and self-constitution of time through transitional spaces. The performing arts and painting are used by the artist as a means of amplifying the experience.

Photo credits eof the exhibition: Eduardo Hirose