Between lines

Beatriz Olano
28/03/2012 - 21/04/2012

Solo exhibition  – Beatriz Olano

Inauguration: March 28 until April 21, 2012.


Beatriz Olano is one of the most representative artists of geometry and abstraction in Colombia, and she is known for developing a a highly versatile proposal. Now she presents for the first time in Peru an individual exhibition of her work.

Wu Gallery began its program of exhibitions of international artists bringing to our country an artist whose work has been widely recognized in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and the United States, countries where geometric conceptualization has developed a vast tradition. Beatriz Olano, Colombian creator of wide trajectory, is known in the world artistic scene to develop a proposal of great versatility and quality in the abstraction.

“Between lines”, individual exhibition that will set up in our country, it receives from monumental works of spatial intervention to diverse creations in minimum formats. Olano’s work is presented in multiple media among which are the installation, painting, drawing and object creation or appropriation, means in which it interacts sometimes with the support of photographic projections.

In this first exhibition of Beatriz Olano in our country, Wu Gallery will present a selection of some procedures that characterize his work. Therefore, the first floor of the gallery will be dedicated to one of the space interventions that relate to his work: the dialogue between the structure and the particular signals. On the other side is the drawing, in which it develops with surprising quality with resources of abstract geometry and with a personal and very rich knowledge of color.

Likewise, “Between lines” will include painting and objetual works, in such a way that it will be able to offer to the public the sufficient references about the artist’s thought and of the ways in which it approaches the interpretation of the reality, as well as the observation without limits that makes from different perspectives on time and space.