The limit

15/11/2011 - 15/12/2011

Individual exhibition – Diego Molina
November – December 2011


The new individual exhibition of the artist Diego Molina, “The Limit”, invites us to abandon the rhythm of daily action and immerse ourselves in the dynamics that can acquire a body under water. Approaching a silent and unrepeatable experience, and a redefinition of our senses, the painter leads us to observe with him, the underworld, outside and from the water. Little by little, the movement of the body becomes lethargic, the sounds move away and the images become distorted. Thus, turning this into the language the author proposes.

The undulating line, taken from the movement of water as a context of action, determines the dynamism of the images it shows us; thereby emphasizing the artificial limit that distinguishes “real” perception from an alternative perception obtained by a natural filter; whose indeterminate and changing texture, generates a plane of reality also mutable and inconstant, which reveals water as a transforming and playful space, and in that sense, as a vital space.

In this way, Molina stops at the primary experience of every living being next to be born: perception under water; and returns with it, to a prenatal and precognitive level of creation and use of color. This privileged location, which constantly submerges and emerges, reminds us through the shades of reflection and refraction, that the attempt to capture the moment in an image is only a suggestion for the look: that of redefining the time, the scene and the movement.