Desordenar un sistema


Desordenar un sistema
Curatorship: Raúl Silva

The organic systems of the physical environment that answer to a natural order and the systems formed from certain functions in a society or from implicit collective consensus, are involved in a type of coexistence between entities, objects, forces and transformations that fluctuate constantly. Any initiative, movement or change occurred in this broad system of interactions, can generate a disorder that forces everything to be rearranged in a new position. This indeterminable flow between order and disorder is a quality inherent in a system; an entropic manifestation that affects material dimensions, but also intersubjective, social and political.

How do we reflect on the production of the elements and emotional aspects that make up our daily life? How do we recognize the systems that are part of our common sense? Can we find in the most common affective gestures a critical, ideological or social vestige?

Answers to a process of exploration and essay based on the selection of a set of pieces from the gallery’s repository, mainly serigraphs produced between 1997 and 2001. The project looks at the dialectical potential that they have in relation to works produced in the last decade by artists linked to the gallery and other works consigned to external artists. The script triggers a set of clearly separated relationships in the first two environments: the dimension of the natural and organic and an imaginary of the domestic and social. All this, crossed by aspects of organization, aesthetics of inventory, systematization and personal aspects with indications towards the social and political.

Three experiences are proposed: journey, interaction and exchange through the four rooms, framed in a context of exhibition that involves them with a common support: paper. This support answers a tradition that subjects it to contemplative, critical, affective expressions, etc., and that allows the creation of relationships between medium, form, content and circulation. The display seeks to give weight to a sense of reordering works as a file from a spatial sense.

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Correspondencia – Juan Carlos Luna

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La muestra reúne las obras de: Rodrigo Arteaga, Ana Teresa Barboza, Fernando Bryce, William Córdova, Arturo Duclos, Paola Franco, Jorge Lévano, Pierina Másquez, Sandra Nakamura, Ciro Núñez, Miguel Ángel Polick, Delia Poma, Natalia Revilla, Mariana Román.