Desde y más allá de la fotografía

21/06/2012 - 27/07/2012

In the context of the Lima Photo Biennial, Wu Gallery presents creative proposals that think of photography from diverse strategies and rich in the formal and conceptual spheres. These are those of the internationally known Brazilian collective CIA de Foto. With a selection of works from this group and with the visit of one of its founding members (Rafael Jacinto), which starts on June 21, the proposal exposition dedicated to photography.

As the first opportunity for CIA de Foto to visit our country, the curatorship has included works that are already classic in the group’s work, such as Caja de Zapatos (2008) and a selection of his most recent project, Agora (2012). Which, despite being among CIA de foto’s newest production, has already become a well-known work through different shows and festivals in Brazil and in Europe.

Despite marked differences between the two works, both Agora and Caja de Zapatos play between video and photography, breaking preconceptions of the two media and rethinking the role of registration in a conversation between intimate and public spaces, as well as between what is expected and what is not noticed of photography.

It is not surprising that despite not having developed any work in Peru and not having previously exhibited in our country, CIA de Foto is an important reference between our artists and photographers, mainly among the youngest. Since its beginning (2003), this group has aroused controversy and changes in the field of photography in Brazil, with wide repercussions in other countries. Not only has it confronted the authorial idea of ​​photo journalism and that of the identity and subjectivity of the point of view, but it has promoted debates and reactions against the solidified of the photographic concepts, such as their Margins and definitions in relation to the reconsiderations required by the techniques, as well as the instruments and procedures that have emerged more recently.

To that extent, CIA de Foto has acted as creator, as manager and promoter, as curator and editor, works in which its role is always identified with a core of critical thinking. The group was founded in 2003 in one of the main newspapers in Brazil, Folha de Sao Paulo, where Rafael Jacinto and Pio Figueroa were working, two young people interested in going through the evidences of the press photo and in mobilizing the reader in general to its deeper understanding. The following year joined the group Joao Kehl, another young photographer, and in 2007, joined Carol Lopez, given his expertise in processing and transformation of the images.

However, even though each member has special approaches and abilities, within the CIA photo there are no rigid or determinant roles established. There is a constant process of research, experimentation and knowledge that relocates and redesigns without stopping the foundational tasks, which also implies the great diversity of approaches and looks that are framed as proposed by CIA de Foto. The exhibition at Wu Gallery wants to embrace those aspects of CIA de Foto work, naturally, within the possibilities of its space.

María Iovino

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