Construction Sites

08/08/2013 - 31/08/2013

Exhibición individual – Daniel Alcalá

Opening: August 8th, until: August 24th, 2013.




Construction sites propose an investigation into the concept of the archive, developing new works from the images of an archive of old photographs, taken between 50 and 70 mostly, and which took me two years of research in bazaars and antique markets in Mexico City.

All images are photographed series of industrial architecture elements: electricity pylons, petroleum towers, light poles, factories or industrial plants and heavy machinery. Elements that denote the transformation of the natural landscape and that represent the idea of progress and modernity.

The exhibition is an intermediary to propose other ways to address drawing and graphics. Old photographs and cropped reprints (Photography), oil on cut fabric (painting) and collages of old photographs (objects), that is to say means or resources from other disciplines of the visual arts are used but the result always being a piece of picture or graphic. I like the idea of making drawings but present them in an unconventional way. That works are one thing, but appear to be another.

Daniel Alcalá, 2013

Downloadable – Construction Sites – Wu Gallery