Animales Familiares

14/09/2011 - 15/09/2011

Exhibición individual – Ana Teresa Barboza

Inauguración: 14 de Septiembre, hasta el 15 de Octubre de 2011


Ana Teresa Barboza works the body as a sectioned structure, recomposed and decorated through sewing and embroidery. In his early works [2006-2008], the consciousness of the human body and its organs were harsh and beautifully represented with a primal force. In “Dress Modes” [2009], this look at the body and its interior, moves outwards to concentrate on the bonds that unite it with others, using the dress as a means of socialization.
In “Familiar Animals”, his second individual exhibition, the disguises that in previous works dressed the protagonists of the works, are now inseparable part of their identities. The traits and characteristics associated with each animal determine the type of the characters and end up, in many cases, obliterating their personality.
The artist redefines the condition of the represented beings – animals or humans – who adopt unexpected postures and behaviors in situations of affection and aggression. This introspective look explores the hidden side of human nature to present it in a delicate, meticulous, attractive, and socially acceptable way.
Wild animals are tamed by the domestic tradition of embroidery, while in charcoal drawing humans play dangerously to become fantastic beings. Thus, details of bodies in the process of mutation appear, where animal features sprout from the inside revealing torsos splashed with multicolored feathers, hands crowned by thorny claws, faces covered with feline cloaks.
These animals are familiar to us because they show us the dark side we all carry inside – whether of a lion, dog, bird, hawk or snake – and reveal that the skin, that first membrane in feeling and reacting to contact with the outside world As in our relations with others, it is also the one that caresses the border between the human and the animal.

Downloadable – Animales Familiares – Wu Galería