Agotar el ámbito de lo visible

16/04/2013 - 04/05/2013

Solo Show – Sandra Nakamura

Opening: April 16th, until May 4th, 2013


Next Tuesday, the 16th of April, Wu Galeria inaugurates the individual show “Agotar el ámbito de lo visible” of the young and experienced artist Sandra Nakamura.

Continuing the questioning concerning the exhibiton space and the creative role of the artist, as presented in ARCO Madrid*, “Agotar el ámbito de lo visible” moves questions raised for the mentioned Spanish fair and extends itself in the Peruvian fair PArC as well as in Wu Galeria in Barranco, where the space is controlled changing the perception that the spectator had of the same space beforehand.

“Agotar el ámbito de lo visible” assembles a series of projects that question the value assigned to the conventional formats of exhibition, physically altering the composition of the pages of an artist’s book, the walls of a stand of a fair and the orientation of a showcase in an art gallery to speak about the vulnerability of an art piece and the practice of the artist opposite to the demands of the contemporary art world.

Nakamura combines visual offers that go from site-specific intervention to the artist’s book – also presented in ARCO and that therefore works as a bridge between that project and the current one-, going from a series of small format drawings that compose a fragmented and playful universe: representations of individual objects and synthesis of daily elements that articulate a revealing statement which exposes the creative process of the artist.

The emptiness, which is present in each of the pieces of the show, is probably the great and silent protagonist that in this occasion, emulating Albert Camus’s words, becomes frankly eloquent.

*”Se alquila esta mañana” was the project presented in ARCO Madrid where the artist questions the value assigned to the ‘stand’ as spatial and commercial unit of any fair, constructing a kiosk from the walls of the ‘stand’ to make evident not only its condition of dividing material of the space, but also its temporary valuation as merchandise.

Downloadable – Agotar el ámbito de lo visible – Wu Gallery


About the artist:

Sandra Nakamura [1981, Lima – Peru] studied art in the University of California San Diego and the University Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. Nakamura participated as an artist in the Center Basque Residence- museum of Contemporary Art [Spain], Pilot projekt Gropiusstadt [Germany], Community Museum Project [Hong Kong] and Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu [Japan]. She has realized site-specific projects for Centro Abierto  09 [Peru], the I Biennial of the Americas (the) [USA] and the XI Cuenca Biennial Show [Ecuador].


Photo Credits: Eduardo Hirose.