Natalia Revilla

Lima, 1981 [lives and works in Lima, PE].


Through her work, Natalia Revilla captures the personal and collective fracture that involves facing violent transformations. The destruction of common areas made, whether by human intervention, depletion of natural resources, or explosions of social violence, are part of a collective and personal crisis. Her drawing’s strength lies on portraying heart-breaking scenes (from photographic documents) at where “the absentee” is subtly revealed. In her last show Lo invisible es un lugar, she turns her gaze to “the place”, to the territory holder of an almost magical evocative power and of symbolic transference of the distant. Through these works we presence the fracture that involves facing the violent transformation of places and landscapes that were the scene of significant experiences. But given the irremediable alteration of the spaces of our memories, it is touching, even tragic, to realize that memory cling to these places, leaving from subtle to violent traces on the human psyche. Her series Dias grises the artist provokes a complicity and uncertainty in the viewer with images of disrupted bodies inertly lying in sublime sceneries. In Quemados, what underlies in our collective memory is recovered through the emptiness that the fire’s trace leaves on paper.


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