Koening Johnson

Lima, 1977 [lives and works in Lima, PE]

“Considered as one of the most consistent artists of a generation that looks in different ways for a radical change in our ways of seeing and making art… the artist does not restringe himself only to the expositions but includes everytime more the movement, whether it being of his body or the spectator”, Luis E. Lama. Koening Johnson works from an expanded understanding of sculpture, with spaces, processes and materials. Since 2009 he has presented, among other things, a series of experiments of interest in public spaces and landscape taking material from these specific environments to designate them as memory source. Graduated from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú´s Art School, he has won the A. Winternitz Prize, and has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions.


Downloadable – Koening Johnson – Portfolio