Andrea Canepa

Lima, 1982 [Lives and works in Berlin, Germany].


The artist is interested in questioning the human tendency to categorize, control and organize reality in an order which is submitted to the limits of the mind. She attempts to show us that the order we take as natural is based on the drive of simplify to complexity of our world. She does so by altering the order of the systems we live by or encounter in life, applying organization schemes different from the ones we usually follow. At times, those new schemes manage to strip away the original meaning of those systems and turn them into simple shapes and colors with no functional use. Other times the meanings are transformed, unveiling that which remains hidden under the imposition of a logic assumed to be the correct one. Andrea’s work evidences that the regulations of our world respond to a set of rules and constrictions that could have incidentally, been different.


Downloadable – Andrea Canepa – Portfolio